Plastic Phobia – Bamboo Toothbrush Standard

5 Reasons to love Plastic Phobia’s Standard Bamboo Toothbrush!

1.)   The bristles are nylon 4. This material naturally breaks down in months.

In addition, the grip is sustainable bamboo. These materials help lessen overall plastic usage.

2.)  It’s affordable. Aside from the fact that nylon 4 breaks down fast, it is also cheaper than nylon 6.

3.)  The bristles are fine and medium/firm. It does not irritate sensitive gums but it cleans out cavities thoroughly!

4.) It’s travel-friendly! Our bamboo toothbrush is lightweight and easy to transport. So if you’re a nature and outdoor enthusiast, pack a bamboo toothbrush instead of a disposable plastic one.

5.) Regular plastic toothbrushes can get mouldy. Meanwhile, bamboo is naturally bacteria-resistant and therefore has the ability to limit bacteria growth that leads to mould. Talk about cleaning your teeth while fighting bacteria at the same time!

With proper care, you can even make it last longer. Just make sure to store it properly. Avoid leaving it soaked in water and most importantly, let it dry.

Why not try it with their Bamboo Toothbrush Holder!


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