At Poppy’s Pantry we are committed to helping you reduce your single use. Half of annual plastic production is for single use plastics.  This means a staggering 150 million tons of plastic will be used only ONCE before going to landfill every year. We have to drastically reduce our plastic consumption before it’s too late.

Here at Poppy’s Pantry we stock a vast array of plastic-free products and plastic alternatives. From Bee’s/Soy wax wraps for food storage to plastic-free cleaning products, we have all you need for an eco-friendly home.

Poppy’s Pantry offers a refill service on household products where you can bring in your empty bottles and refill them with your favourite products. We sell a wide range of refills including laundry liquid, household cleaning products, shower gel and shampoo. Please give us a call or a come visit us in store to see our extensive range! Refills are a great way to decrease your single-use plastic.