Plastic Phobia Bamboo Comb

Product info from Plastic Phobia Website: The bamboo used to make this comb is organically grown on a mountain in Fujian, China. Rest assured that our bamboo is ethically sourced and is grown in an area where there are no Pandas, so we don’t interfere with their lunch!

We make sure that our suppliers use only ethical methods of production, and have a good working relationship with them. We do the research into our products so you don’t have to!

What’s so great about a bamboo comb?

Plastic combs are a staple for many people, so we’re proud to offer a zero waste alternative made from bamboo! This lightweight comb is sturdy and ideal for on the go use. Small enough to carry in your pocket or to put in a handbag.

The comb is fine toothed and effective at taming flyaway hair. Choosing to buy comb means that fewer people will be buying plastic alternatives, which is a huge win for the environment! People often throw away plastic combs the minute a few teeth break off, thankfully bamboo is compostible, so even when this comb reaches a point that it has seen better days, it won’t leave a negative mark on the planet.


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