Plastic Phobia – Bamboo Soap Dish

You can use this dish for soap, solid shampoo, and solid conditioner too!
Removable inner tray to make cleaning easier.


Outer dimensions = 8.1cm x 11.1cm
Inner dimensions = 6.5cm x 9.5cm

(Please Note Soap Bar is Not Included)


Only 2 left in stock


All home products must be taken care of so that the material stays in good condition. So, here’s how you can maintain the quality of your soap dish.

  • Don’t leave it soaked in a puddle of water

  • Allow it to dry

  • Remove the central ledge and wipe down

What About the Waterproof Paint?

  • It’s Vegan

  • It is nitrocellulose lacquer, which will biodegrade

  • Derived from cotton (not acrylic based)

  • Non-toxic

  • Product is coated to keep moisture out of the bamboo