Soywax Sandwich Wrap (3 Pack)

The wrap measures approx. 20cm by 23cm but may vary slightly.
Patterns are sent out at random but are all colourful, fun and bright.
The wrap can be washed with  cool water – hot water will melt the wax and render it no longer waterproof, and soaps will wash the wax out. Keep them dry and away from any heat sources. As the wrap ages, they’ll develop characteristic folds and cracks. This gives it a gorgeous vintage look, but if you don’t like it, simply iron the wrap between two pieces of greaseproof paper and it’ll look like new again! You might need to redistribute wax when they arrive. If you do, simply iron as above.
This wrap is perfect for those of us who are plastic-conscious and want to minimize the plastic waste we produce. The vegan wax mix made of soy and is 100% vegan and food-safe.